Anirudh's p.o.v

Finally, I have signed a deal with Mr Khanna. Khanna enterprise is one of our old friends.

He is a very good friend of my father. He considers me as his son. I respect him a lot.

Again I am drinking alcohol and also smoking.

Mr Khanna came towards me and said worriedly, "Anirudh, I know that what happened to your family was very terrible. But why are you destroying yourself? You are almost 32.when you are going to marry?? Get married soon. Then you will find someone in your life who will care for you. And also give you a family."

Listening to his words I am becoming more frustrated.

I said with a pissed off tone," I respect you, Mr Khanna. But don't interfere in my personal life."

Saying that I left the party and get into my car. My mood has become sour.

I reached my mansion and entered into her room. I remembered all those tortures I had given her. Her screaming,  her begging is still ringing inside my ear. I was a heartless monster and still, I am. But she changed something in me. I have fallen in love with her.

I took one of her dress and said smelling it, "it's been six long years. Did you just vanish in the air.where are you Aradhiya? I want to beg for your forgiveness. Please come back to me.

I always wonder "how is she"where did she go!! What's she doing!





Arunima's p.o.v

So, how was school?? I asked Avni and Ishaan.

Ishaan said excitedly, " ma, I liked our math teacher. She is very nice. I also made new friends. I liked the school"

I smiled at him and kissed his forehead.

"And what about you Avni baby?? I asked Avni patting her small head.

"Ma,  I also enjoyed school a lot.In our class there is a girl name Nuha. She is a very nice girl. I and Nuha became friends. She also said that she will come to our house with her mom". Avni replied putting the chocolate bar inside her mouth.

I am happy that my both child liked the school.

We reached the nearby park where every child is playing. Avni and Ishaan like this park a lot. That's why I always bring them here.

Avni and Ishaan run towards the cradler and started cradling. My children are looking too cute.

I sat down on a nearby bench and looked at my naughty kids. I smiled at them seeing them cradling.

Suddenly I remember that I have to meet Sonali Chachi( aunt). She is my guardian angel who saved me from the devil. She is a nurse working in a clinic.

Oh, God! How can I forget that? I have to meet her. I stood up hurriedly and said Avni and Ishaan that we are going to meet their sonali nani ( grandma)

Listening to her name, they jumped with happiness because they liked her so much. First, I went to my house, freshen up and also finished my lunch. I feed Avni and Ishaan their lunch.

I got Avni and Ishaan ready. I also changed my dress and started my journey to Sonali chachi's home.

Her house is not that far from my house. When I reached there, seeing me she is very happy and hugged me.

She said smilingly, " oh dear, how are you??

I smiled at her and told her that I am fine. I asked her how is she?? she said that she is ok. she is very happy to see Avni and Ishaan.

She asked them affectionately, "Little munchkins, how are you?? I have made laddus( Indian sweets) for both of you."

Listening to her, Both are very happy and asked her to give laddu. She gave them laddu. Now, Avni and Ishaan are eating laddu and playing with dristi. She is Sonali chachi's granddaughter.

Sonali chachi's daughter was killed by an accident leaving behind dristi when she was only 3 years old. 

Now she is 9 years old and living with her grandmother. About her father, that man left her alone after his wife's death. Such a cruel person!

Sonali Chachi took me to her bedroom. We both sit down on the bed and started talking about many things. Suddenly she asked me about my nightmares.

I smiled at her and said timidly," it's now common for me, Chachi."

I asked her to divert this nightmare topic," What's your condition in the clinic? Is everything ok? Last time you said that the new head of the department of Gynaecology is too strict and also give punishment to the nurses and ward boys?

She said assuring me," it's ok now. First, it was difficult to work with an arrogant doctor. Now I have adjusted."

She asked me," Won't you miss your father and brother? At least meet them for once."

I took a deep breath. I felt like my heart is becoming heavy remembering my father and brother. It's been 6 long years since I haven't met them.

I said with a heavy voice," No, Chachi. I can't meet them. If I meet them then he will come to know about my location. If he finds me then you know very well what will he do to me"

Saying that I hugged her and she also hugged me back. I couldn't control my emotions anymore and cried out loudly.

She consoled me that everything will be ok. But I know very well that nothing will be ok. I have to endure those mental pressure always.

After meeting her I came back to my home with Avni and Ishaan.

Now I am narrating a story to Avni and Ishaan so that,  they can sleep.

It's their habit to listen to stories before sleeping. Every night I have to make stories for them.

Both are now sleeping peacefully. I smiled at their innocent face. Avni looks like the younger version of me though she has gotten her eyes from him and Ishaan is a complete carbon copy of him.

Ishaan is very stubborn and short-tempered. Ishaan inherited this habit from Him and I  know that clearly.

I just pray to God that My son doesn't turn like him. He should be like me and I will make him like me. He should be kind and humble like me.

I kissed my children's forehead and tried to sleep. But I can't. Because I am missing my papa and my brother so much.

Remembering them I started crying. I left them without looking back like a selfish person and it was necessary. It was necessary for their safety.

I went to my washroom and washed my face for relaxation. I returned to my room and laid down on the bed between  Avni and Ishaan. I don't know when I drifted into a deep sleep.




I am looking at the ceiling with my void eyes where he was still hovering over me.  He is doing his sinful acts with my body. He is fulfilling his carnal desire by using my body. I kept my mouth mum because I don't want to be humiliated and tortured again. After some time he finished doing his sinful acts and looked at me amusingly. 




I woke up from my sleep sweating. I again saw his disgusting face and his sinful acts.  These nightmares are haunting me for the past six years. I looked at my watch and it's 2 a.m. I stood up from the bed and walked towards the dining space. I poured me a glass of water and drank it quickly.

Right now, I am feeling lonely and afraid. I need some comfort and I am so unfortunate that I don't have anyone who can give me a little bit of affection and comfort.

I returned to my room and looked at Avni and Ishaan's face. I tried to forget those nightmares for my children.

I said to myself," I have to be more strong for my children. Those nightmares can't affect me."

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