Anirudh's p.o.v

I wake up from my bed with a severe headache. Last night I drank too much and the alcohol's effect is still on me.

I freshen up hurriedly and went downstairs of my mansion and noticed that breakfast is ready. I completed my breakfast and got ready for the office.

Right now, I am sitting in my car when my driver told me that the road is blocked for some reason. So, we have to take another route.

I ordered him to change the route. He obliged me and changed the route. He is driving on another road when he stopped the car because of the traffic. I looked outside through the window and recognise this place. It's her College road where I first saw her.


(I am sitting inside my car and waiting for that traitor's daughter. I saw her picture with her details. She is beautiful. But I don't know why I wanted to see her in person.

Suddenly, I noticed her coming out of her college gate. She is wearing a beautiful red kurta with jeans. Her beautiful waist-length black hairs are open.

I looked very carefully at her face. Deep brown doe-like eyes, pink lips, milky white skin tone. She is indeed an epitome of beauty. I looked at her body. Slim and sexy figure. She isn't wearing any revealing clothes. But I can bet that she has a very soft body. It would be very fun to break this beauty.)


My trail of thoughts is cut when my driver informed me that we have reached at my office. I entered into my cabin and started working.

After 3 hours of working, I ordered my PA to bring me a mug of coffee.

I am waiting for my coffee when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller id which is showing Mr Khanna's name. I picked up the call and said, "Hello".

Mr Khanna-Hello, Anirudh. How are you?

Me- I am fine. What about you? Why did you call me right now??

Mr Khanna-Well, I called you because I need a favour from you.

Me- What kind of favour you need? Tell me. I will try my best to help you.

Mr Khanna- Actually, you know my wife Mrs Lalita Khanna who is the headmistress of a school which is in Shimla. Well, in her school there will be held a cultural program in that school. So, She is telling me to be the chief guest. But I have to go to France for a business meeting. Can you be the chief guest instead of me as your father has 60% ownership of that school?

Me- Well, I wanted to help you but...

Mr Khanna- Don't say any but. Try to be the chief guest. I really need your help.

Me- ok. I will go. When will be the program held?

Mr Khanna- After one week.

Me- ok. I will go.

Though I have no intention to go. But I can't refuse him. He is a fatherly figure. Moreover, I was feeling like someone is waiting for me there. Someone very close of mine is calling me to go there.

I laughed at my stupid thinking. I thought mentally mocking at me," who will wait for me..who will wait for a monster!






Arunima's p.o.v

Today is a public holiday. So I thought to make some Chinese dish. Avni and Ishaan both liked Chinese dish a lot.

As it's a holiday they don't have to go to school. They went to play outside. They play with my neighbour's children.

I was preparing everything for cooking when I heard someone is screaming. I came outside hurriedly and found that Ishaan is beating Krishna.

Krishna is my neighbour Meenakshi's son.

I rushed towards Ishaan and tried to free him from Krishna.

Krishna is screaming as he is bleeding from his nose. This time Minakshi came and cried out loudly, "oh my god" what have you done to my son!! He is bleeding."

She looked at Ishaan who is looking very angry. She said to me very harshly, "Arunima, teach some discipline to your son. He has beaten my son so brutally that he is bleeding. Your son is behaving like a thug. Maybe he got this from his father. After all, he is a bastard. Who knows who is his father."

I knew it. She is intentionally saying all this to hurt me. I lost my control over my patience and said angrily," shut up" Don't call my children with this name. I know Ishaan did very wrong. But he is also a child. I am sorry for Krishna. I will bear all expenses for his treatment."

Minakshi sarcastically laughed and said," I don't need your money. teach your children discipline and manner. And also keep your bastard children into home.. They can affect other childrens moral. Who knows who is their father. He also must be a thug."

I was saying nothing as it's my child's fault.

Suddenly she said something which pierced my heart like an arrow. Tears started forming in my eyes.

She snapped at me, "you should leave our neighbourhood. We don't need any whore in our locality who doesn't know about her children's father"

I  said nothing to her. I just took Avni and Ishaan with me and came back straight to my house. I harshly pulled Ishaan's hand and took him to my bedroom.

I asked Ishaan why he has beaten Krishna. He said angrily," ma, Krishna said that I have no father. My father left us because he doesn't love us. I don't believe in his word and told him that my father is helping god to some mission as you told us every time. He didn't believe me. He laughed at me and also said that you are lying. He also called you by dirty names. I became very angry when he called you by dirty names. That's why I have beaten him".

He completed his saying and I can see a fire in his innocent eyes. The fire of angerness.

Ishaan is looking exactly like Him... His eyes are red. Hairs are messy. He is looking like that devil.

Seeing him I panicked and hold his arm tightly. I said to him with a hard voice," "listen Ishaan, I know Krishna is a very bad boy. That's why he said those bad words. That doesn't mean you will beat him. You should have complained about him to me or his mother. Next time don't beat anyone. If someone bullies you then call me. Understood?? He nodded his head in yes.

Suddenly he asked me," ma? When will papa come to meet us.? Don't he miss us? You told that after completing his mission he will come."

I stared at his hopeful eyes with a blank expression and said with a fake smile, "wait for some more days. He will come".

Saying that I run to my washroom and locked the door. I started crying hysterically. I am giving them false hope about their father.

As I don't want my children to hate their father because it can affect their innocent mind. That's why I always told them that their father is in mission with God. They are growing every day. When they will understand everything what I will say to them! I am scared. I have to do something about this matter before it's too late...

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Felicia Tan
i will stop here and take breath first... this story is good,but as expected i can't read this in one go,my heart can't take it anyway,do you have social media? i reaaally want to keep up with your story

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