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A man in his late 50s sitting on a wheelchair and a 19-year-old boy are having their breakfast. Both are silent. Looking at their faces anyone can tell that they are father and son.

Suddenly the boy called the man, "papa"? 

The man looked at him with questioning eyes.

Boy-any news from Police?

The man nodded his head in negative. 

Boy- They all are just useless.

Man- They are trying!

Boy- They are trying!!  My foot!! It's been 6 long years since we lost her. Did she just vanish in the air? Why they can't find her? Every day I miss her. I miss my di(sister)!! I miss her smiling face, papa!! I miss her.

Saying all this he started crying.

The man wiped his tears and hold his hand. He said affectionately," Arnav? Keep your belief in God! He will help us. I also miss her. Don't cry dear. We will find her.

Arnav- When!!  Papa?? When we will find her??  I lost

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Connie RS
this story is getting good now!!!

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