At Police Station

Suraj Bhatt's p.o.v

After Officer Shindey's call, I came to the police station to meet him. I am waiting for him sitting on my wheelchair at the waiting room.

Then a constable came and informed me that officer Shindey is calling me. I entered into his room.

I asked him," officer you had called me and said that you have something important to discuss with me??

He took a deep breath and said," Mr Bhatt, I think we should stop searching for Aradhiya. It's been 6 long years since she is missing. We are not even sure that she is alive or not"

Listening to him my anger rose up and a sudden fear came into my mind. Fear for losing my daughter forever.

I replied angrily," if you can't find my daughter, then I will search for her.she is alive. I will find her."

Officer Shindey sighed and said trying to make me understand," I understand your emotion, Mr Bhatt. But the reality i

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