Anirudh's p.o.v

After Aman's discovery, I am becoming more desperate for Aradhiya. She can't run away from me. Without forgiving me she can't go.

Right now I am in my mansion. I walked towards their room. I opened the door and enterd into the room.

There are hanging a big picture of my loved ones. My dad, mom, my uncle and my sister. They are the most precious persons in my life.

I looked at the picture and said hurtfully, "Dad, mom, uncle and di. you know what I am a failure in the name of son, in the name of a brother! I can't avenge you properly. I couldn't give you Justice. I have already killed that Russian bastard and his son. But I couldn't find that traitor who betrayed you. I thought that Suraj Bhatt was that traitor. But I was wrong all the time. Unknowingly, I have hurt all those innocent people. And in these Chaos aradhiya suffered the most. I am the reason for all her miseries"

Saying all this I started cr

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