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A man is tied up with ropes in a chair. His whole body is blue because of too much beating. His eyes are flattering like any time he will lose his consciousness. He is barefooted and barechested. He is only wearing a half pant which is covered with blood.

His hands and feet are broken. Blood is oozing out from his cut lips. His condition is too much worse.

Suddenly a policeman came and opened the locked jail room's door. That policeman came towards him and checked his pulse.

Then the Policeman shouted, "Call a doctor right now." If you die than Mr Raghabhan will not spare us".

Then the police grabbed his neck and said angrily, " Don't die. If you die then how can I be able to get my money. I won't let you die".

After some time an ambulance came and took the beaten man to the hospital and obviously with police protection. After all the beaten man is the most dangerous hacker who has hacked

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Henrietta Gilbert
He is evil

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