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" Vengeance! You are still stuck in the past, Aradhiya! I thought that you have moved on," Anirudh said crying. His whole face is totally paled now.

Hearing Anirudh, Aradhiya started laughing like she is mocking Anirudh. She said grabbing his collar," Move on!! Of course, I have moved on. Not with you. I have moved on with Daniel."

Saying that Aradhiya holds Daniel's hand and Anirudh said angrily," Leave his hand, Aradhiya. You can't do that to me. You can't love anyone rather than me."

This time Aradhiya slapped on Anirudh's face and said angrily," Don't you dare to tell me what I should do or not. Just get lost from here. You beggar."

Anirudh holds Aradhiya's shoulder and asked her yelling," If you hate me that much then why didn't you let me die? If you hate me that much then why did you behave

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no definitely not, she did well, all women have the right to that person who rape her
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No worries Author...I can understand
goodnovel comment avatar
Just reading one chapter you decided to drop the book!! then I will tell that you have judged the book too early. However, it's your choice to read or not.

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