After Eight months

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A priest is chanting mantras in front of the holy fire sitting on the floor.

Anirudh, his wife and children are also here joining their hands in front of the holy fire and praying.

Aradhiya and Anirudh are sitting beside each other.  Avni & Ishaan is also sitting with their parents. Arnav is also here and praying.

Only Adhyansh is not here as he is too little to bear the smoke of the fire. He is in Aradhiya & Anirudh's bedroom with a maid.

Well, Anirudh has arranged a Puja (prayer) for his family and Suraj Bhatt. He was missing his father, mother, sister and uncle. Aradhiya was also missing her father. That's why Anirudh has arranged this puja for the peace of their family member's soul.

After an hour the Puja is completed and the priest gave them the prasad (holy offerings).




 After Some Hour

Aradhiya re

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Perfect ending for the perfect story......ÔłŹ
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Mirza Mohsin
perfect is unpredictable , hence it is proved... good job author ,...
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Mahamotha Khatun
totally wow , just love this story , so beautifully described , all theme r outstanding
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