Me and Mrs. Leopold
Me and Mrs. Leopold
Author: M. Wilde

Chapter 1

AND then Bullet left without saying anything. He didn’t even get the chance to get the woman's name, for God's sake. He’s not sure how many girls he has met that night and how many of them gave him flirty glances. Ah, women. He just could never understand them. They’d approach him and flirt with him and when he makes his move, they’d make him feel like a pervert.

Still shaking his head, Bullet approached the bar. A lot of people are already gathered around the short bartender who’s busy mixing customers' orders. He was about to sit back in his chair but someone else was already sitting there when he arrived. He went to the far side of the long bar and carefully examined the woman holding a glass of wine, busy with her phone.

The small tear-drop hanging bar lights made it difficult for Bullet to see the woman’s face so he stepped closer and occupied the vacant seat next to her.

“Scotch, please,” he exclaimed to the bartender, still watching the woman sitting next to him. Her hair was on a messy bun and with her black tanktop, Bullet was amazed at how smooth and fair her skin was. His eyes automatically went down her nape, then to her back and as his gaze went to her neck and curvy chest, he couldn’t help but sigh.

The woman was beautiful, no doubt. The kind of beauty that you can’t easily forget. Her body may not be the model-type but he’s certain that she’s got everything every guy could ever want - an angelic face, flawless skin, tiny waist and perky bosoms. In short, she’s hot. And it seems like she didn’t have a clue about it.

“Hi, Miss. Can I buy you a drink?” he asked quite loudly. He had to move a little closer to her for her to be able to hear him.

No response. She didn’t even look at him and just kept staring at her phone. When his scotch arrived, he immediately drank it and ordered another. He combed his shoulder-length hair and smiled, showing his white teeth. He’s not the type of guy who wastes time with someone who doesn’t even seem to notice him but strangely, he wanted her attention. Maybe because he’s not used to being turned down by women and maybe, he wanted to prove to himself that he hasn’t lost his charm.

“Hi, care for a drink?” he repeated. And at that moment, he moved the chair closer to make sure that the girl could hear whatever he’s saying.

“I don’t take drinks from strangers,” she said softly without looking at him.

“Well, the name’s Nick. And you are?”

“Not interested. I’m not interested.” She glared at him for a moment and in a few seconds that their eyes met, he felt something strange. Was that what they call ‘love at first sight’? He laughed at himself and shook his head. No, it was just a simple case of attraction, which has happened to him many times before. The woman suddenly stood up with her shoulder bag and left him alone. He followed her with his gaze until she sat down at an empty table in a distance.

He was dumbfounded. That was the first time that he got rejected by a girl and it didn’t feel good at all. After ordering a glass of whiskey and a Frozen Margarita, he stood up, took his drinks and approached her again - because he isn’t the type who gives up that easy, especially if it involves a gorgeous woman.

“Frozen Cotton Candy Margarita for the beautiful lady.”

If it were just another woman, he would have received a sweet smile and if he’s lucky, that smile would be followed by a sweet kiss. However, this woman just stared at him blankly as he sat down next to her.

“Again, I’m Nick. And you are?”

“Again, not interested,” she replied seriously. She’s still looking at him, judging him like he’s some kind of a criminal.

She’s even more beautiful up close, he realized. As he looked at her, her eyes were sparkling agaisnst the light. She was about to stand up but then, someone suddenly popped up next to them. The woman was tall, has long straight hair and when he looked at her, he felt as if he’s seen her somewhere before.

“Red!” Her high-pitched voice was so loud that the people around them looked in their direction. “Sofia, remember?” she wondered after giving him a kiss on the cheek.

No, he doesn’t remember but then he just smiled. Fortunately, her friends called her to join them because otherwise, he wouldn’t know how to get rid of her. She kissed him again before leaving and he was about to thank the Lord when a few minutes alter, a slender woman approached them and called him ‘Glenn’. It took a couple of minutes before he was able to ask her to leave.

“Red? Glenn?” There was a tone of astonishment in her voice. “Wow. What is this, some new trend where men give different names to different women?”

Bullet scratched his head and leaned back. This was his worst night. Ever.

“I’m sure that Nick is not your real name, either?” Finally, a smile. She’s got perfect set of teeth and her smile was probably one of the most captivating he has ever seen.

“Fine. It’s Samuel Blake Ortega. You can call me Bullet, everybody does.”

“And how about Nick or Glenn or Red?” Again, she smiled, which made his heart skip a bit.

He shook his head and smiled as well. “Just Bullet. Please call me Bullet,” he reassured her as he extended his right hand. The woman hesitated for a moment before reaching out her hand.

“Astrid,” she chucked. “And don’t worry, that’s my real name.”

“Beautiful.” He held her soft hands and it felt so good that he didn’t want to let go just yet.

“So, what else do you want besides not letting go of my hand?”

Instead of releasing her hand, he smiled and shook her hand firmly. “Well…”

“Well…” Astrid withdrew her hand from Bullet and took the drink that he offered. “you already know my name, you already held my hand, then what? You’re gonna invite me somewhere for a one-night stand?”

He was surprised to hear something like that from a woman like her and he wasn’t ready for that kind of question because oftentimes, women do not ask him - they just come with him instantly, without question. Wow, this woman is something, he thought and that fact excited the hell out of him.

“And your silence means yes, ‘no?” She put her phone inside her bag and stood up. “Boys will always be boys,” she whispered to herself. “Good bye, Mr. Samuel Blake Ortega or Bullet or whatever your real name is. It was nice meeting you…oh, no…it was interesting meeting someone like you.”

And then, she’s gone, just like that.


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