Chapter 3

WHO would have thought that we’d be seeing each other again?” His smile was the brightest. “So, you’re staying here as well, I see?” He even got closer to where she’s standing that she had to move back just to avoid him.

“Actually, I’m just about to check out,” she lied, which unfortunately was heard by ‘Jenny’, who was obviously attracted to this young man.

“Madam, you were not able to check in earlier, how are you going to check out?” the receptionist asked with a smile. She turned to the young man and smiled even more. “Madam here has been waiting for a room but the hotel is fully booked until next week, sir and it will definitely be difficult for her to find an accommodation because the reservations of other hotels and transients are full now as well, that’s for sure.”

Astrid gave ‘Jenny’ a death stare, grabbed her bags and walked away. She felt Bullet following her until she reached the cafe and restaurant at the corner of the hotel. When she sat down on the bar stool, he sat next to her and ordered two bottles of iced cold beer.

“Do you know what this means?”

She just frowned at him.

“It’s destiny, Astrid.”

Oh, he remembered her name. “It’s just a simple case of bad luck,” she replied instead. She picked up her phone and pretended to be occupied.

“Is it called bad luck when you saw me when you badly needed help?”

“I don’t need help. I don’t need YOUR help,” she pointed out.

“Oh, come on.” He straightened up and combed his messy hair with his fingers. “Don’t you need a place to stay?”

“Do you have any recommendations?” she doubted. Though she couldn’t fully trust this man, she had to admit that she needed any help she could have.

“Yes, and it’s free.” Bullet smiled a sweet smile and by the way he acts, she’s sure that the guy was aware of his effect on women.

Astrid’s eyes widened with with disbelief. “Really? Where?” It was as if everything she’s feeling at the moment vanished - her dizziness, sleeplessness, her anger and her frustration.

“Well, my room is big enough for the two of us,” he replied without any hesitation.

“And you actually believe that I’m gonna agree to that suggestion?” She laughed out loud at the idea. “I’m guessing that you were not able to get a girl at the bar so you’re hitting on me now, huh?”

“Come on, I’m just being helpful and-”

“Thank you for your help, Mr. Many Names.” She poured beer into her glass and drank it. “I’m just a virgin but I am not a fool, okay?”

“Wow, you’re still a virgin?” His eyes widened, obviously shocked by the discovery.

Instead of answering, Astrid just ignored him. “I might be a bit tipsy but I’m not a fool. I’m sure your help would cost me something.”

“You’re being too judgemental, you know that?”

“I’m sorry but that’s just how the world works, that’s how men are. At the beginning, you’re gonna act like some kind of a superhero or something who’s willing to do everything for a girl but in the end, you’re all the same - you’re gonna leave, cheat and find somebody who’s prettier, who’s willing to do what they want in bed -”

“Oh, I get it.” Bullet looked straight to her eye. “That is the reason why you ended up here in Baguio, isn’t it? Because your boyfriend left you, cheated on you and found someone else who’s better in bed?”

“The reason why I ended up here because of men who cannot be satisfied, men who can’t resist temptation just because their girlfriends can’t give what they wanted,” she growled.

“So, you’re saying that your boyfriend cheated on you because you were not able to give him sex, is that it?”

“Will you please stop rubbing it in?”

Bullet laughed as if her situation was such an entertainment to him. “What else do you expect him to do?”

“Ah, to be faithful, perhaps?” Astrid said with firm persistence. That second bottle of beer was slowly hitting her as she’s starting to feel her fingers go numb. “You’re all the same, aren’t you? There’s nothing else in your mind but…”

“But what?”

“You know what I mean.”


“Shh!” Astrid raised her right hand and covered Bullet’s mouth. He was surprised but couldn’t hep but smile. She immediately lowered her hand as she felt electrified when his lips touched her palm. “Is that all that really matters to men?”

“Well, not really but it’s a huge deal in a relationship,” he said casually. “Anyway, just a bit of curiosity here…why didn’t you give him what he wanted? I mean, he’s your boyfriend and that’s just normal for a man to-”

“Being my boyfriend doesn’t give him the license to do whatever he wanted to me without my permission.”

Bullet raised an eyebrow. “So, it’s true then.” He looked at her from head to toe as if judging her.

“Why does it seem like it’s a sin to be a virgin these days?” she grumbled. When she looked at Bullet, it was obvious that he couldn’t believe what he just heard. “Is this your first time to encounter a virgin?” After finishing her bottle, she stood up and carried her bags. She was about to walk away when Bullet stood up and blocked her path.


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