Chapter 7

ASTRID woke up that morning without Bullet in sight. When she realized that it’s already seven in the morning, she hurried and got up despite her splitting headache. After taking a shower, she quickly got dressed and left a note on the nightstand.

She was about to get inside the elevator when she heard someone approaching from a distance and when she turned around, she was surprised to see Bullet beside a tall woman. Based on how the woman put her arms around him, it’s pretty obvious that something’s going on between the two. He’s grinning from ear to ear as if he had just won a million dollars. Well, it certainly looks like it. 

Astrid turned away and pressed the elevator button, praying that it would open before Bullet notices her because she still didn’t know how to deal with him after what happened the night before.

She immediately went inside when the it opened and finally, she breathed a sigh of relief. But her relief was fleeting because even before she could tie her hair up, the sweet love birds entered the elevator, which almost made her jump.  

To avoid being recognized, she immediately bowed her head and cover her face with her long hair. But it was too late. 


He frowned while trying to figure out if she was the woman he thought she was. She’s not supposed to look back but Bullet came closer and looked directly at her face.

 “What are you doing here?” he inquired as he tried to get away from the woman’s embrace.

The shock on his face was too obvious that she had to try hard not to smile. She didn’t respond. Instead, she stared at the floor indicator on top of the elevator door and waited for it to reach her destination. And after a few minutes that seemed like forever, the elevator opened and she ran out of it as fast as possible and headed to the hotel lobby.


She was ready to get into a taxi when Bullet suddenly appeared in front of her, gasping.

“Where are you going?” he wondered. He apologized to the driver before slamming the car door shut. “Are you leaving without even saying goodbye?”

By the tone of his voice, she felt like a little child being scolded by her father for leaving without saying a word. “You were out when I woke up. Was I suppose to wait for you?” She protested. “I left a note on the nightstand anyway and left the sweatshirt that I borrowed last night, as well as your license.”

“Is that it? You’re gonna leave just like that?”

Astrid narrowed her eyes and looked at him intently. “So, I was right all along. You didn’t help me because you’re kind or charitable. You helped me because you have an ulterior motive.”

A taxi pulled up in front of them but then again, Bullet stopped her from getting on it. He looked at her sharply. “That’s not what I mean,” he maintained. “I thought you went here to find your boyfriend so why the sudden change of plan?”

“Because I realized that it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t want to be found.”

“So what’s your plan B?”

“No plan B. For now, I just want to go back to Manila,” she said calmly and adjusted her bags over her shoulder. “Anyway, thanks again, Bullet.”

“That’s it?” he insisted.

“What else do you want?” Again, another taxi passed by but she was not able to take it because Bullet was still in front of him, blocking her way.

“Won’t you even give me your number?”

She smiled and shook her head. “Wow, you were just with a woman earlier and now you’re already hitting on me? You’re really living up to your reputation, aren’t you?”

“Oh, that?” She’s just someone I met last night. Don’t be jealous because really, she’s nobody.”

“Again, wow! I’ve never met someone as cocky as you, just sayin’.”

“And you will never meet another man as charming as me, just sayin.” Bullet grinned, ignoring her joke. “Come on, breakfast. “I know you haven’t had breakfast yet and so am I.” Without warning, he grabbed the bags from her and headed back inside the hotel.

Astrid couldn’t do anything but to follow him because she’s gradually feeling her stomach growl. She also couldn’t understand why she had no ability to say no to Bullet and she’s still in the process of figuring out why her brain has diffulty working every time he stares at her eyes. Does that mean that she has moved on and is now ready to fall in love again?

Of course not, Astrid!

It just so happens that Bullet was a good looking guy and yeah, he’s probably right that she’ll never meet another man as charmig as him. Yes, she’s attracted to him and maybe, that’s just about it. Maybe, the excitement she’s feeling at the moment will soon come to pass. Oh yeah, that’s for sure. 

And so she followed him to the hotel cafeteria, sat on the chair he had pulled for her and waited for him to order her breakfast. The place was packed with tourists and good thing, Bullet was able to persuade one of the staff to get a table for them. 

She couldn’t help but be impressed because that was the first time that someone had ordered food for her. Whenever she had a date with Josh, she’s always the one who’s ‘in charge’ - he lets her decide where they are going, when and what to eat. Bullet was indeed a breath of fresh air. But then she realized, she’s not on a date with him. It just so happens that she always meets him whenever she needed help. 

“Breakfast of the day - fried rice, scrambled eggs, Ceasar salad, grilled tapa, hot coffee and orange juice,” Bullet offered, pointing at each dish. “I don’t know what do you usually have for breakfast so I just ordered whatever I found appetizing. I hope this is okay.”

“This is fine, thanks.” 

“Are you sure? They still have a lot of breakfast selections, you might want to-“

“No, Bullet, this is enough. Thank you.”

He responded with a sweet smile and sat down in front of her. He even arranged everything for her - from the plates and cutlery, to the glass of water and a cup of coffee.  

From the food on the table, she looked up at the man in front of her. “Are you always this thoughtful with women?” She interrogated as they started eating.

“Nope. This is the first time, actually,” he replied with a wink. 

Astrid gave a disapproving gesture because she knew that it wasn’t the truth. She just watched the way he enjoys his meal as if he had not eaten for several days.

“Are you sure you don’t want to look for your boyfriend anymore?”

“Correction - ex. Ex boyfriend,” she corrected. “All I want right now is to go back to Manila. And besides, I don’t want to waste my time for someone like him.”

“Good for you,” Bullet said quite loudly. “Because he’s not worth it. I’m sure you’ll find someone else, someone better.”

“I doubt it. Someone told me last night that men are all the same so why bother?” 

He smiled and just played along. “Well, yeah but I’m sure there’s always an exemption. Just have faith, Astrid.”

She frowned at him because she knew that he’s just teasing her again. “ Thanks but no thanks. I don’t want to get hurt anymore.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re still in love with your ‘ex’-boyfriend and I’m sure that when you see him again, you’ll forget about everything and beg him to come back.”

She laughed at his absurd idea. “No way. When I see him again, I’ll skin him alive, cut him open and let him bleed to death.”

“Ha, ha! That’s an interesting sight to see!” Bullet laughed out loud, which made the others look at their direction.


Surprised, Astrid and Bullet looked up to see from whom the voice came from.


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Mary Walters
Wrong pronouns. His not her.

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