Chapter 62

DO we really have to do this?”

Bullet glanced at Astrid. He was about to push the doorbell button when he heard her behind him. Luna was just clinging to her Mom, smiling at him. She’s wearing the cute dress he got her on her birthday and carrying.

Ever since his parents knew about Luna, they insisted to meet her as soon as possible. He’s not supposed to tell them about his daughter with Astrid yet but one of their closest friends allegedly saw the three of them together at the mall. He was even surprised to get a call from his mom asking too many questions about it that he wasn’t able to do anything but to admit it. 

“They are expecting us. Dad canceled his business trip today and Mom already cooked her special baked macaroni for Luna.”

”Wow! Baked macaroni? That’s my favorite, Daddy!”

Bullet smiled and patted her hair lightly. “Yeah, your grandma made it beca

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