Chapter 64

OH MY GOD, Astrid! What has gotten into you?

She shook her head while looking at the pictures on her phone - pictures of Luna with Bullet and some stolen shots of him. She can’t remember when it happened or how it happened but one day, Astrid just found herself thinking about him all the time.

And she hates it. 

She hates it every time he’s with them but his mind is into something else - oh yeah, someone else. She hates it whenever he promises to visit but doesn’t keep it due to ‘unforeseen’ circumstances. And she hates it when she wants to see him but he’s not available.

She’s going crazy, she’s certain about it. Because if not, she wouldn’t be like this at all.

This is all because of Bullet. All the flirting he’s been doing, all his sweet talks in the past months were now replaced with coldness. Now, he barely visits and when he does, he’s not his usu

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