Chapter 66

AM I late?”

Everybody glanced at him at the gate, including Luna who’s trying hard to stay awake by her mom’s side. But when she heard that voice, she quickly stood up and shrieked.

“Daddy!” Luna rushed to her Dad and hugged him tight. “I knew it, you’re gonna come! I’ve been telling Mommy that you told us you’re not coming but you are just going to surprise us this Christmas eve!”

“Yes, hon, you’re right.” Bullet crouched and kissed his daughter on the cheek. “Did Daddy’s plan worked?”

“Yes Dad!”

“Did you miss Daddy?”

“Oh, I missed you so much Daddy! I’ve been telling Mommy to call you and tell you to visit but she said...” Luna had to take a deep breath before continuing. “She said that you are very busy with work and meetings and stuff that I don’t really understand.&

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