Chapter 69 (Special Chapter)

CAN you believe this?”

“Can you?” Bullet asked back as he squeezed Astrid’s hand, her engagement ring sparkling on her finger, together with her wedding band. An endearing smile lit her face as they walked hand in hand towards the fireplace.

“After more than a decade, after everything that has happened, we’re here,” Astrid beemed after sipping her wine.

“At last.”

She then looked at her husband and suddenly, she felt this warm fuzzy feeling inside her chest. God, Bullet is now her husband. It was just like a dream. Everything was just like a dream to her now since his proposal.

Bullet sat next to her on the extravagantl

M. Wilde

Special chapter y'all! Thanks a heap for taking time reading Me and Mrs. Leopold! I hope you enjoy every chapter of it. Love lots!

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