Hoor’s POV :

It was time for ruksati .I couldn't feel any sadness taking over . Father placed a hand on my head, stepmother gave me a quick hug , not that I got a chance to return it . I have never been close to them, why would  I've been sad about leaving them .The veil hid me from people's eyes, they couldn't see my indifference expression . 

While sitting in car, I just hoped that Allah will shower his mercy and my life wont go any worse. I didnt think i would be able to handle any more pain . 

Third person's pov:

Arhaan also took his seat and they left for his mansion . His guests had left from there . It was only him and Hoor returning to Randhawa mansion . 

The watchman opened the gate and the car slid in, Arhaan stopped the car and headed inside without a backward glance . A servant (Mary )came forward and helped Hoor come out . Arhaan had went towards his study, Mary took Hoor to his room. 

"Mam , would you like anything ? "Mary asked and Hoor shook her head. The dress was really heavy , Hoor was feeling tired , she sat on the bed. 

"Okay mam, sir would be here soon "Mary said and left . 

She was sitting sideways on bed, legs dangling from the bed . She haven't even lifted her veil .Arhaan entered the room and saw her sitting on the bed .

He had decided to show her place. He didnt want her to think that she can use him .

She was only 5.3 to his 6 foot frame. He took a minute to rethink about his plan looking at her small frame. But then decided not to go weak. He moved towards her and placed a box in her lap and said "change and go to sleep, your clothes are already in the dressing room".He wanted to be ruder, but couldn't muster up the cruelness to do it to that small girl. 

She almost looked breakable with her petite frame and milky white skin . She placed the box on bed and quickly got up hearing his stern voice. Arhaan saw her closing the door of the dressing room, he shook his head seeing the box on bed . He took it and placed it on the table . 

There were bangles inside it , the most expensive piece present on shop but it held no importance to him.

Arhaan went to the room next door , "I wont stay in a room with a girl, I don't even like" he thought and laid down on the bed . He haven't even lifted her veil or looked at her once . 

Hoor felt relaxed when she entered the room and found it empty. She had changed into a comfortable tee and sleep pants . She laid in bed thinking about her day , she was feeling a bit at peace that he left her alone. She preferred to be alone , because there was less chances of being hurt that way . She hadn't eaten the whole day, with peace , the feeling of hunger also risen up . But she kept laying , telling herself , it wasn't time to eat . She'll eat in the morning . 

The rules were engraved so deeply in her mind that she couldn't even think about breaking them when she was alone . Soon , she fell asleep .


Next morning , Arhaan went to the office. Hoor woke up around 11 am , she took a shower and got dressed in a simple dress .She sat on the bed waiting for someone to tell her what she needed to do. She saw the box and opened it .The bangles were really beautiful adorned with diamonds, but they held no attention of Hoor. She preferred simpler things, this was too much of attention seeking.

Soon, Mary entered the room "Mam, you're awake. I had came to check on you before but you were asleep "Mary spoke coming towards her but she stopped with a halt after taking a look at her.

Mary had never seen such a beauty in real life ."what happened? "Hoor asked in a small voice .Her voice was also honey sweet .Mary could have drooled in that minute.

She looked here and there "nothing mam, I'll get your breakfast "she quickly said and got out. Hoor found it weird but decided to let it go. She kept the bangles back in box and got up.

Mary went to the kitchen, and said to the cook "You need to see mam, she's really an angel as her name .I've never seen girl like her ".

Cook also got excited , everyone was curious about seeing their sir's wife.

"Go and ask mam to come down for breakfast .In this way, I will also get to see her" the cook said and Mary nodded .

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