Chapter 3

Marry went and took Hoor with her. Hoor sat on the breakfast table, cook came and started placing food on table .She was also mesmerized after seeing Hoor. Pancakes, omelets , boiled eggs and different type of sliced fruits were placed infront of Hoor. 

She looked at the whole table, but a sigh left her lips and she took a boiled egg and some sliced fruits.she kept her eyes down on her plate . The innocence on her face was making Mary and the cook swoon over her even more. 

Hoor went to her room after breakfast . She had seen that her books were already placed in the bedroom. She took one and went towards the indoor pool which could be seen clearly through her room. There were chairs and plants placed at the side. She took a seat and settled down.

She went down for lunch , after that she decided to take a nap. In the evening , she was sitting in the pool area, when Arhaan entered the room to get his clothes . 

He froze at his place, seeing the beauty sitting infront of him. She had beautiful blue eyes with honey brown hair . Her cheeks were pink and plum like a babies, her lips looked suck able. Her collarbones and slim neck could be seen clearly from there .

Arhaan was thinking , who was this beautiful girl sitting there. He had totally forgotten that he married a girl yesterday , and it could be only her, present here .

He was busy in his thoughts when Mary opened the door with a glass of water in her hand for Hoor "sorry sir, I didn't know , you returned. I came to give water to mam" she said confirming that it was Hoor . 

Arhaan turned his eyes away from Hoor , though it was difficult for him . He had seen many beauties in his life, Hoor was one of a type , but he wasn't weak to fall for faces so easily . 

Arhaan went to freshen up without saying anything . 

The reception was going to take place after some weeks , thats why , there were no guests or any special works taking place in the home. 

Arhaan went out for dinner, he came late at night, he saw Hoor sleeping peacefully when he went to get his night suit . He couldn't help himself and went near her, the innocence on her face was calling to every protective instinct in him . 

He wanted to protect her and cherish her , he didnt know where these feelings were coming from . He had never felt protective of anyone , except his family. His parents had died when , he was 22 and Amal 20 . He had taken over the business with the support of Arish, his best friend and now Amal's husband also . 

He shook his head and got up. He again slept in the room beside his.

This continued for a week. Hoor hadn't even seen him properly yet. She was happy that she was left alone. She could do what she wanted,  no one was there to hurt her . There was nothing more she could wish for . 

She freshened up and started waiting for her breakfast in her room, she preferred to eat there as there was no one to join her on the table, just some servants watching her with different expressions. Their eyes didn't disturb her, but she was cherishing her privacy . 

It was Sunday and already long past 8 , she frowned , thinking "why is Mary not here yet? Is everything okay ?"she was getting worried , because Mary always came to her in morning to check on her and ask about breakfast .she was brought out of her thoughts, when someone entered the room.

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