Arhaan was getting more and more restless with each passing days, he wanted Hoor to ask for money or for anything which would show her greedy nature like her family . But she didnt even try to talk to him or asked for anything . She seemed content in what she was given. Thinking bad about her was getting difficult for him with each passing day . 

Its been a week and he had decided to talk to her . Maybe she would give him a reason to hate her , maybe he would stop feeling such protectiveness or attraction towards her .

It was Sunday , he decided to do breakfast with Hoor. He liked to do breakfast in his room or in balcony when he was alone . He only sat on the dining table when someone was their to join him. His room was an apartment in itself . There was a sitting area, poolside , dressing room all connected to it . 

He entered the room with all his walls up , he didnt want to let her effect him . Mary was behind with breakfast . Hoor stood up with her mouth open like a fish , seeing them enter. 

Arhaan took a seat on the sofa of sitting area beside Hoor with some space left between them .Mary left after placing the food on the table . Hoor was still standing . Arhaan said "sit down and eat ". Hoor flushed in embarrassment and sat down. He was looking at her antics carefully .

Arhaan waited for her to take a plate , but when she didn't, he said "Hoor ! Eat ."The hard notes in his voice scared Hoor , she quickly took the plate and placed an egg and sliced fruits in her plate . Arhaan eyes went soft seeing her scared. He didn't meant to scare her nor was he expecting her to get scared so easily . 

He filled her glass with juice as a silent apology . He didnt want her scared of him ."do you need anything ?"he asked .

"No “Hoor said in a small voice .

"Do you want me to take you to your father's place ?"he asked . 

Hoor went quite for sometime. She didnt want to go , she wasn’t an idiot not to understand the looks her stepmother or stepsister gave her . But she also couldn’t deny directly in front of him .

"We.. we can go later "she said keeping her gaze low . 

"Ok"Arhaan said and took omelet .he noticed that Hoor was sighing softly again and again , as if she wasn’t liking what she was eating. She had even looked around the table for 2 3 times . 

Arhaan saw that how little she had eaten .but he didnt say anything . 

Hoor was fed up of eating same breakfast daily, but she was thankful about what she was getting .it was a better choice than the bland porridge she had to eat if not an egg and fruits .the bigger torture was all the things present on the table , she could only see them but not eat them.some rules were so engraved in her mind that even looking at them make her feel like she would be punished .

After breakfast, Arhaan went to do some work and Hoor started reading a book. They ate lunch and dinner together also. The dinner was served on the poolside .Arhaan again noticed that how little she ate .he served her more food and asked her to eat .she denied saying “I am full. I cant ".

Arhaan had seen she had hardly taken 4 5 bites and only drank water.” eat !"Arhaan said in a stern voice .it wasn’t hard enough to scare but Hoor picked up the spoon not wanting to anger him. But she wasn't able to eat more than 2 spoons .Arhaan saw that she looked ready to puke .Arhaan cleaned his mouth and stood up.

"Okay .lets go for a walk “he said to Hoor's relief. She quickly got up .He sighed seeing her lean figure .he wanted her a bit more filled , he loved her fluffy cheeks . He knew that the only problem was her not eating enough.

Hoor was relieved that she didn't need to eat more. The portion she could eat was so deeply stuck in her mind that her body denied to follow her mind's instructions .Someone had more control on her body than her own self .She wanted to be free and there was no one caging her now , but she couldn’t do it, didn't matter how much she tried. The rules were stuck in her mind .

Arhaan and she strolled through the garden together . She wasn't minding her presence but she still wanted to be left alone .he hadn’t done anything , but she knew that he could harm her easily if he wanted . She had lived in peace for some days, she didn't want it to be snatched from her.

After sometime, Hoor returned to her room. Arhaan had an important call to make .He went to take clothes from their room, Hoor was awake combing her hair .She stood up seeing him enter her room . Arhaan went to change into his sleeping suit without saying anything . He got out and saw Hoor still standing there looking nervous .he decided to tease her . He took a seat on sofa and started watching tv . Hoor went to the changing room , hoping that he would leave before she went out . 

She changed and started waiting for him to leave. When Arhaan saw that she was nowhere near to come out , he understood. Hoor heard that the tv went off and now there was quite in the room . Hoor sighed in relief and went out .

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