Hoor froze on her way out , seeing Arhaan standing in the middle of the room with his arms wrapped below his chest .He looked at her with a raised eyebrow "does it take you 37 minutes to change?” He asked looking at his watch .

Hoor flushed and started looking here and there .Arhaan was enjoying teasing her.

"Come and sleep now "he said and Hoor looked at him wide eyed.

" leave? "She asked looking at him with flushed cheeks. It was a big hit on Arhaan's ego, girls died for his closeness and his own wife wished for him to leave her alone .He swallowed hard to control his anger and moved towards her.

Hoor noticed the change in his demeanor, she averted her eyes down.Arhaan wrapped his arms around Hoor's waist and leaned down, so that his face was closer to her. He held her chin and made her look at him. The moment his eyes met her blue pools, he felt his anger melting away .

"You know , I'm your husband .If I haven't been sleeping in this room , it doesn't mean I can't .Learn to sleep beside me "Arhaan said caressing her cheek. He loved how puffy they were and how they colored on small things .

Hoor was tense , she wasn't expecting his touch to be so soft . She was expecting pain for her disobedience .But it never came, Arhaan took the clip out of her hair and laid her down on the left side , the side she slept on every night and then moved to the other side to sleep.

Hoor slept but Arhaan laid awake . He didn't plan to do this but her reluctance asked to every possessive part of him to show that she was his . If he hadn't been showing his rights, it didnt mean they werent his. He had seen the slight fear in her gaze when he went near her , he didnt want her fear, he knew that he was moving fast .it might be overwhelming for her . That's why, he didn't even touch her hand after laying on bed.

He turned towards her and looked at her sleeping form. He wanted to hide her from the world . She was so beautiful, but the thing which made him crazy was her innocence . He loved that how easily he could read her emotions ."what are you doing to me , Hoor -e -Arhaan ?"he said softly and touched her cheek . He wanted his protective feelings to lessen, but they had only increased with each second they stayed together. He had even taken out the thought of ever hating her out of his mind. There was no point of hoping for impossible things.

In the morning, Arhaan woke up first, he went for his morning work out. After returning he took a shower and decided to wake up Hoor. He had already asked Mary to bring their breakfast .he sat on the bed and pushed the hair away from his face. “Hoor , wake up "he said softly , but Hoor opened her eyes immediately. She was looking at him with glazed eyes , she was looking really cute in her night suit .

Arhaan couldn't deny himself , he leaned down and kissed her cheek ."Hoor "he whispered on a caress. Hoor got back into her senses and quickly got up. Arhaan smiled seeing her dishelved . He needed to inform his secretary that he wont be coming early today, his office time was 9 am and he didn't plan to go early any more .

Hoor took her clothes and went to shower. When Arhaan entered the room again, he saw her standing in front of the dressing table . She was trying to comb her hair . But they were long and reached her waist .Hoor was going through the trouble of combing them and now she was getting tired . It always felt like a chore to her. Her mother used to comb them for her , but now from sometime, she had to comb them herself .

Arhaan went near her and took the brush "you silly girl! You are breaking your hair "he said in a stern voice .Hoor looked at him wide eyed ,expecting pain to be served soon . But he stroked that beautiful honey brown waterfall and then started combing her hair .

Once it was done , he placed the brush down and said "Mary is here for your help. Ask her if you find something troubling you. And don’t try to comb your hair like that again , if I'm not home ask Mary to do it for you "he said the last part sternly.

She pouted “I have been combing my hair myself from sometime now "she said and Arhaan replied "I can see that ".

Hoor knew that she wasn't really careful about her hair . She hated her long hair, because someone loved them. She wanted to cut them, but couldn’t muster up the courage for it .

Mary knocked the door ,Arhaan touched Hoor's cheek "stop pouting and lets eat "he said and gave permission to Mary to enter .she left after serving food .

Hoor took the same food , she did daily .Arhaan took a deep breath, nothing was different from yesterday . He took a plate and placed some pancakes in it "try them “he said putting the platr infront of Hoor . She looked at them and then at her own plate “no, its fine "she said meekly . 

"Don’t you like it? "He asked turning her face towards him.

Hoor couldn’t even think of lying looking at her face . "I like them "she said .

"So eat "he said , Hoor couldn’t explain her problem . 

"Eat "he used his stern voice , Hoor quickly picked her plate up .

She took a bite, she wanted to eat but her body was denying to comply . Her body was already growing tight, coiling in fear of punishment. Her brain knew that it wont happen but her body wasn’t getting the message . 

Arhaan saw her fighting with herself . Her cheeks were getting red , her eyes started to shine with unfallen tears . 

Arhaan took her fork and placed it in the plate . Hoor still didn't look at him .

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