Arhaan wrapped his arm around her and placed her in his lap . She was petite , it wasn’t difficult for him .Hoor was shocked by sudden movement , she looked at him wide eyed and placed her hands on his chest. 

Her cheeks were turning bright red and tears were ready to flow. Arhaan cupped her cheek and whispered "its okay ,its okay “he said pulling her closer. Hoor hid her face in his neck ,she wanted a break from her inner conflict .

Arhaan soothed her for sometime and then pulled his plate forward . Hoor finally remembered their position and tried to get up but he held her still. Her cheeks were now red with some other reason .for her, his closeness was comforting , but there was also fear of losing , of being hurt again behind it . 

Arhaan impaled a piece of fruit in his fork and took it near her mouth . When she didnt open her mouth , he gave her a stern look .she finally opened her mouth relaxing

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