Next day, he was in office, when he got a call from Mr. Siddiqui.

"Assalamualikum Arhaan , its like you have forgotten us after taking my daughter away "he said in a sugary tone.

"Wasalam Mr. Siddiqui, its nothing like that "Arhaan said putting up with the man. He was trying to be more bearable about this man just because of Hoor.

"If nothing's like that , then have dinner with us tonight “Mr. Siddiqui said happily.

Arhaan didn't want to waste a second on this man, but then he thought about Hoor , she must be missing her family....

"Okay ! We will have dinner at your place tonight. “Arhaan ended the call after bidding bye.

In evening, when he went home, he saw Hoor in the garden. She gave him a big smile came inside with him. Her smiles never missed to skip his heart beat .

"How was your day? "Arhaan asked ruffling her hair .


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