They sat still looking at the water for sometime, but then Hoor started straightening her legs, bringing them out of water .Arhaan could see her feet calloused , indicating that she had been dipping her feet from a long time now .

Arhaan held her legs and changed her angle , Hoor was only able to gasp at his doings . He placed her legs on his thighs and started giving her foot massage softly .

"Arhaan please .... " she said , her cheeks were tomato red .

" why are you looking so dull? I took you , expecting that it will make you happy?" Arhaan asked trying to take her mind off the foot massage.

Hoor looked at him with her big grieved eyes , as if asking him to see everything in them, she won't be able to say

it .

"You trust me? " Arhaan asked on a whisper .Hoor quickly nodded her head but tears started filling her eyes .

Arhaan pulled her close

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