After reaching home, Arhaan helped her till their room, " Change your clothes " Arhaan said and went towards the changing room himself to get his clothes . 

When Hoor came out in her night dress, Arhaan was already sitting with his back against the headboard . Hoor sat beside him, but didn't say anything . She didn't know how to start explaining .

Arhaan looked at her fidgeting body for a minute, then asked " Are they always like this ? " he asked , and Hoor nodded, not wanting to hide anything .

Arhaan closed his eyes, thinking about the verbal abuse she had to go through . The hurt on his face did something to Hoor's heart .

She touched his cheek, loving the feel of his stuble .Arhaan opened his eyes and saw Hoor sitting by her folded legs looking at him .

" It's okay , I had been with them for a month or so only . I lived with my own mot

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