Arhaan woke up at noon, Hoor was still sleeping beside him. Due to curtains covering the windows, the room was dimly lit.

He looked at Hoor, sleeping at his side, facing him , looking adorable as ever .Arhaan caressed her head and got out of bed .

He moved the curtains out of the way and looked at the beautiful scenery infront of him . Then he turned and saw Hoor still sleeping with only her face out of the blanket .

He freshened up and then decided to wake her up. Hoor got up still sleepy but excited to see the place, she went to the restroom rubbing her eyes . Arhaan shook his head, thankfully he had already hanged her clothes and placed all the things she would need in the bathroom, while taking out his things .

Hoor came out with a towel in hand , drying her hair . Her mouth fell open seeing the beauty outside her window. The greenery so lush and attractive, the clouds so near as

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