After 4 years,

Hoor was smiling, giving instructions to the servants. Life had been good to them. It was Arhaan's birthday and Hoor was planning a surprise for him. Like every other year, Hoor didn't wish him as the clock hit 12 am. She didn't even mention his birthday. Arhaan was frowning again and again, seeing Hoor behave so casually. Otherwise, she made sure to make everything special for him. She won't even let him go to office but this time, she didn't even wish him.

"Ma'am, please sit down. Sir won't like you standing for so long in this condition." Mary said reminding her of Hoor's 4-month pregnant state. Her small baby bump wasn't visible in loose clothes.

"I am fine." Hoor said smiling.

When everything was arranged, Hoor went to get ready. She wore a long frock in red colour as Arhaan loved to see her in bright colors. She was smiling the whole time she was getting ready.

Her plum cheeks were more plum and redder, all thanks to healthy eating. Hoor asked all the servants t
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