After a year, Arhaan woke with his baby girl (Asmara) on his right pectoral and Hoor laying half on his left side. Her hand was on their daughters back, on top of which Arhaan had his hand.

He smiled and kissed the heads of both. He couldn't have asked for anything more. Soon Hoor woke up. She tried to move away, but Arhaan pulled her closer for a morning kiss.

When he let her go, Hoor was breathing heavily and her cheeks were red. "Arhaan!!!" she said in a scolding tone looking at their daughter, who was still sleeping peacefully.

Arhaan chuckled softly and touched her cheek. He missed the extra fluffiness of them. Hoor was almost back to her original size after pregnancy. Her cheeks were still fluffy, but Arhaan missed the extra softness she had gotten during pregnancy.

Hoor went to the restroom shaking her head. Asmara had also started waking up. Arhaan got up and changed her diaper. Then gave her a milk bottle.

He was making weird faces, making his daughter laugh throughout the se
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