Chapter 180

“Three witches, three vampires, and three werewolves…” I heard myself say.

The corpses of Carmen and Devin came to mind, both strategically placed shortly after their gruesome murders. It brought me no peace to learn that their deaths were for a specific purpose. Learning the truth had renewed my rage, but also invoked a wave of disgust that made me nauseous.

I had no doubt that the witches were more than willing to knock off a few of their own if it meant getting what they wanted.

‘That’s why we’ll win in the end. Even under Tyler’s rule our pack had more loyalty for its members than the witches.’ Maya huffed, her tail swishing in agitation.

“We have to assume they’ve already sacrificed three of their own. There’s no reason why they’d wait if they have three witches readily available. Hell, they probably offered themselves willingly. We know they’ve killed more than one Vampire, which leaves…” Tristan trailed off, his voice fading but his grimace was answer enough.

“Which leaves
Jane Doe

Thank you everyone who has read this far into Asher! I greatly apologize for the lengthy delay in updates, but Asher will now be my main priority again. I'm halfway through the next chapter and will post it as soon as I am finished! <3

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Rafaella Vittoria
either her, Rowena or Cassidy
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Nadia J
Whose carmen? Did you mean Carson?
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Heidi Bird
I am betting on Cass.. She wanted to be mated with Asher

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