Chapter 187

The conversation between Giovanni and I replayed in my head as I traipsed upstairs and collapsed into bed. Even after it had run its course, I fought the sleep that tried to claim me and focused on mind-linking Asher.

Another hour had passed, one without any success.

I’d considered reaching out to Zeke, but after pouring all of my remaining energy into getting through to Asher, I had nothing left to expend. In a haze of utter exhaustion, I slipped away into a restless, dreamless sleep.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but the sun had yet to risen when I was yanked from sleep. The bedroom was cloaked in absolute darkness, even with the beams of moonlight streaming through the curtains. Luckily, I didn’t need light to tell who was hovering over me, their hand pressed firmly over my mouth.

It was his eyes I noticed first, the sight of them telling me that something was very, very wrong.

They were entirely gold, practically glowing in the darkness as they stared at me with a heat t
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Clair Hignight
Enjoyment does not negate rape. It was without her consent as she explicitly told him not to and she was legitimately scared of him. That’s like saying that victims that orgasm involuntarily during assault wanted it and weren’t actually victims. She was absolutely raped.
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Is Asher possessed?
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Yes Brandon is Asher’s brother & Zeke is his horny Alpha friend!

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