Chapter 190

I laughed, belting out a string of giggles that probably made me look insane, but I didn’t really care.

Zeke glanced at Asher; his eyes wary. “Think she’s going feral too? Should we run?”

“I’m not going feral, you jerk.” I scoffed, swatting at him. “You understand how crazy that sounds, right? The power to change reality…that’s just not possible. If it was, why wouldn’t I have just snapped my damn fingers and made the Blood Witch disappear or turn into a toad?”

Asher spun the book around to face me, but it was Zeke that spoke.

“Probably because it’s not that simple. It says here that Conjuration is the hardest form of magic to master because of how easy it is to slip up. A single thought or desire that’s too strong can become reality, which is both a good and bad thing. This paragraph talks about how conjuring drains the witch’s energy differently and mentions the different types of power the witch pulls from when she’s conjuring. I’m sure we’ll learn more on the next page.”

He turned
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goodnovel comment avatar
Rafaella Vittoria
I hope so too! I feel like Tristan and Holly will be mates if Holly is not working with the blood witch
goodnovel comment avatar
Lizzy Sweet
I also remember they saying a mate for each side. so she was supposed to have 2 mates. I'm confused.
goodnovel comment avatar
Erica R Smith
I hope you going to give Zeek a mate soon.

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