Chapter 191

The moment my eyes opened; I regretted every single decision I’d ever made that led me to this point in time.

Everything hurt.

“Fucking hell.” I tried to groan, but my tongue stuck to the inside of my cheek.

Clutching my head, I tried to turn over. Sharp, pulsating pain left my nerve endings blistered and raw. I swore I could feel my skull rattling in my head like it was full of rocks. Something was blocking me from moving, and that something immediately stoked my anger, not that there was anything I could do given my current condition.

The second time I tried to pry my eyes open, I felt tears drizzle down my cheeks. What light surrounded me burned and made the migraine I had much worse. I was surrounded by a mass of color that moved and twitched. It carried the scents of Asher and Zeke, but they weren’t the only ones I recognized.

“Let me up. Goddess, is there a boulder on top of me or something?” I snarled, my mouth bone dry.

In the background, someone chuckled. I’m pretty sure it w
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Bran I knew there was something weird about him!
goodnovel comment avatar
Desirae Justine
bet Ashers happy the mark is gone lol
goodnovel comment avatar
That doesn’t surprise me about Alpha Bran. He’s always hated vampires and can’t stand losing. His ego is extra hurt and he wants revenge b

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