Chapter 196

A few hours after the sun had set and the chill of night kicked in, the rest of our guests showed up.

Tristan and Holly stepped inside toting a cooler full of blood bags, which I eagerly took to the icebox in the garage. My reserved half-sister looked elegant as ever, wearing a midnight cocktail dress that somehow seemed to blend in perfectly. Her hair was identical to my own, falling down her back in long dark waves, only it was pinned back with a single crimson bow.

She smiled shyly at everyone, but was quickly swept away by Cassidy, who had no qualms striking up conversation with anyone. Kendrick followed her around like a lost puppy, but judging by the cheeky grin on his face, he was just happy to be here. Tristan remained by her side, a detail I quickly noticed, but he too could only stay quiet for so long with Cass launching question after question at him.

During their stay in Asher’s family home, Dad and grandma had become good friends with his parents and wandered into the liv
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Brittany Mabuce
This was great I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes love it
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This was a great chapter............. Lmao .........!!!!
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a grin cannot be earsplitting. ear splitting means loud

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