Chapter 198

After personally apologizing and promising Kendrick a plate of grandma’s lavender cookies, we headed back into the living room and continued with the game.

Whether it was the blood, wine, or scaring the shit out of Kendrick, Holly had finally loosened up and no longer fiddled with her fingers or picked at the hem of her pj’s. She chose Breyona next, who quickly picked ‘truth,’ and proceeded to ask her about her relationship with Giovanni. There was a light blush staining my half-sister’s cheeks as she asked about the ins and outs of their relationship.

Breyona, who answered Holly’s question gracefully, set her sights on Clara.

“Clara, truth or dare?”

The curly-haired witch set her glass of wine down and quickly licked the residue off her lips before smirking.

“I’ll go with truth. I know you been chomping at the bit to ask me about my thing with Mason, so I’m giving you the chance for one question.”

My eager best-friend gasped, clasping her hands together while contorting her face into
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goodnovel comment avatar
I was suspecting the same, but if she is the double cross, I think it will be about Cass being half witch or something. Definitely about power tho
goodnovel comment avatar
I really don't trust Cassidy at all and more so since she asked Lola to do that date. I'm wondering if the necklace that Rowena gave her plays a part in take over to control Lola after finding out how she does her conjuring magic.
goodnovel comment avatar
Wowah that was so good! This book maybe long with long breaks in between but it’s freakin good

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