Chapter 200

There wasn’t much of a sleepover after that, though it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

Cassidy and Clara could feel the tension in the room and knew from the looks on our faces that what we talked about hadn’t been good. Soon after wrapping up, Breyona came downstairs, her eyes raw and red with the opened envelope clutched in her hand.

I knew Breyona needed space, but I also knew that leaving her alone wasn’t the right thing to do. It didn’t take much convincing to get her to say, but I think deep down she wanted someone to confide in, someone who understood.

After promising Cassidy I’d show up to training tomorrow, she and Kendrick left, following Mason and Clara. The four planned on going out for drinks, and I was glad they were able to continue their night. Staying here would’ve just meant drowning in all of our foul moods.

Holly decided to stay, and I found I was genuinely glad she did, even if she had to leave early the next day for a therapy appointment.

Late in the night, Breyona,
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goodnovel comment avatar
Ummm I don’t think Zeke is gay
goodnovel comment avatar
I actually agree with you but you could of said it in a better way
goodnovel comment avatar
Brandi Smith
Oh for the love of God, can they not catch a break!?!? Poor Asher and Lola, I hope they can break it and nothing happens to them.

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