Chapter 201

“A curse. Now there’s a damn curse we have to deal with?” Zeke sputtered, his voice flooding the cars speakers.

I turned the volume down a notch, wincing as I glanced over at Asher. He was chiseled from stone, his arm rigid as he held the wheel, eyes narrowed on the highway ahead.

“I told you what the Shadows said. There’s no way to ‘deal’ with it. Even if there was, Cordelia and Rowena can’t sense anything on him. You’d think two powerful witches could sniff out a curse.” I grumbled, sinking deeper into the seat.

My bottom was on the verge of becoming numb, but we didn’t have much longer to go before we’d hit our meet-up point. Fifty miles away, at a small gas station with one of our own wolves posted as cashier, we’d find the others. Breyona, Giovanni, Tristan, Sean, Mason, and Clara had taken a different route to avoid suspicion. Going off of Breyona’s idea when she rescued us from Ember and Tessa, we borrowed a work van from a local company in the pack for them to use.

There wasn’
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goodnovel comment avatar
Deacon is her uncle?!
goodnovel comment avatar
Tiffanie Babcock-Greathouse
They all went home. The shadows came and visited telling them that there are visitors at the safe haven, so they drove to the safe haven Village.
goodnovel comment avatar
KayCee Poteat
I’m confused. This chapter isn’t making sense. Last chapter was they were at a sleep over and now they’re driving and going some place. Did I skip a chapter somewhere?

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