Chapter 222

Tessa and Zeke ceased to exist as my vision tunneled, completely centered on Rowena’s prideful expression.

“You killed my brother.” I barely recognized my own voice.

The savageness in it was foreign to my ears, a quality I’d only ever seen Asher possess. I never thought I was capable of blind hatred, the kind that devours everything good about a person until all that’s left inside of them is blackness, but I’d been wrong.

I hated Rowena. I hated her with every fiber of my being, with every breath I took and with every beat that shuddered my broken heart.

The edge was so close that my skin began to tingle with the familiar sensation of falling, but I didn’t lose my balance until Rowena opened her mouth and spoke.

“Well, technically your mate did that, darling. We did need another sacrifice, after all.” She rolled her eyes, inspecting her nails, completely oblivious that these were the final moments of her pathetic life. “It’s rather inconvenient your grandmother survived, though. I’ve
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goodnovel comment avatar
She could heal him with a thought but she’s focused on Rowena at the moment ...
goodnovel comment avatar
If someone would pull that knife out of him, he could heal.
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Danielle Richards
so happy that stupid Amulet is gone!!!

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