Chapter 224

I sliced through the mind-link, cleaving it in two and watching as it fluttered and frayed like the torn pieces of a ribbon.

“Now, where were we?” I exhaled, rolling my shoulders back as I weakened my hold over my magic.

It swarmed at the first hint of freedom, filling my cells until they swelled with power. As hard as it was, I had to control each and every thought that passed through my head, taking care not to feed any energy into them. Like stones floating down a stream, I’d pluck one out of the water to inspect it, only to toss it back in, releasing it altogether.

Rowena snickered, much too confident and cocky given her current position. “You were threatening me with death should I not reveal all my little secrets.”

“Ah, right. I’d like to change my earlier threat if you don’t mind.” I smirked, tilting my head the way a predator would as it sized up its prey. Right now, that’s exactly what Rowena was. She didn’t even have the honor of being called fresh meat, not with that patch
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Seriously agree with this comment a hunnid percent, Periodt .
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Tomorrow it will be a week technically. But she did update today and if you follow her updates she explained that GoodNovel had her write a tricky new advertisement segment for Asher so she was trying to finish that and got in the way of her writing new chapters
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It’s usually like 2-3 times a week but yes, I prefer is less often too so I can build up chapters and spend less money

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