Chapter 226

A snarl tore through my chest and if it weren’t for Asher’s hand on my lower back, his warmth pouring into my icy skin, I would’ve dug my fingers into her eye sockets.

Instead of having the wits to be afraid, Rowena laughed.

“No, you’re right. She’s too close to all of this. It would be much too obvious. Mm, perhaps it’s someone in the background, someone you never would’ve noticed lurking about. What about that half-breed sister of yours, Holly? She and I did spend quite a lot of time together.” She teased, flashing blood-stained teeth when Tristan let out a snarl of his own.

There wasn’t a chance in hell I’d actually believe her, not with how enthusiastically she’s pointing fingers. She could cry witch all she wanted, but I trusted the people closest to me, my half-sister included.

Rowena began to laugh harder, and the sound of it gradually shifted from confident and poised, to a cackle that bordered on unhinged.

“Oh, there’s so many possibilities, but let’s not limit the suspects t
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Angela Shropshire
That’s who always comes to mind when ish happens!! I wouldn’t be surprised because she was always stressing how close she is with Asher and Brandon and pushing her way into Lola’s life.
goodnovel comment avatar
True, I wanna know who Cordelia and Lola saw at the time of her death? Even though, it seems the second witch can shapeshift
goodnovel comment avatar
she doesn't need to lose anybody else. Peel Rowena's flesh off and then put it back on and peel it off again. Make this wait worth the while, and please wrap this book up because the amount of waiting and the length of time that it has taken to get this far is ridiculous

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