Chapter 227

‘Let’s take a minute. I need a breather before I tear her heart out.’ I hissed over mind-link.

The darkness in my veins was crooning, ‘kill her, kill her, kill her.’ The possibility that she’d open her mouth again and say something that eroded the last shred of my willpower was terrifying enough to make me want to run.

Still holding Asher’s hand, I pulled him away from Rowena. The traitor was reclined in her seat, lazy smile on her face. She could act like being here was her choice, like this was some five-star resort, but I had a feeling she’d quickly change her mind once Asher began drawing blood.

The mere thought of hearing her screams had my hands shaking, twitching with the urge to let my magic take control.

There was clear reluctance on Asher’s end, but he relented and let me lead him into the observation room. As Rowena’s cell door swung shut, I closed in on my mate. The others in the room faded into the background, the prickling sensation that was their eyes smothered by fear.
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Betty Strait
I wonder about breyona and i hate it, but she had how long away from lola and a reason to hate her, lola abandoned her.
goodnovel comment avatar
She’s been here the entire time. Holly hasn’t been. Flora was in a coma, but she’s been here. Everyone keeps pointing to Cassidy. It’s obvious almost too obvious.
goodnovel comment avatar
I starting it again just so I could have a proper flow but to my dismay, at chapter 110 it wanted me to pay again after I had paid the first time .... It's so annoying. I wish the author will hurry up and finish the story. We have spent so much money reading this book

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