He was never mine
He was never mine
Author: Rever

Until you divorce me

The sunlight reflected into the room, and the peaceful sound of nature echoed through the atmosphere. 

While the makeup artist applied a thin layer of primer to Carmen's moisturized skin, her lips pulled upward into a faint smile, and she felt a sense of happiness taking over her.

Then her eyelashes gently touched each other as an eye primer got added to her eyelids. 

At that moment, Carmen could feel the softness of the brush when it touched her face as the lady applied the foundation to brighten her skin tone.


Suddenly, the door opened, and a classic woman stood at the doorway with a bright smile on her face.


“Mini, Is the bride ready?” She asked.


“No, I am still touching up her makeup,” Mini gently replied as she put some cream concealer on her finger and lightly dabbed her fingertips on areas that looked dark on Carmen's face.


Realizing who was at the door, Carmen turned her head to gaze at the woman, and her lips curved into a grin. 

Then she gently sighed and asked, “Mom, what are you doing here? I thought you were out there greeting the guests.” 


“I want to see my daughter transformed into a beautiful bride.” Her mother said, smiling with her eyes.

A few minutes later, Mini stopped working on Carmen's face after she finished layering the nude color on her lip.


“My job here is done. Mrs. Smith, how would you grade my work.” She uttered with a beam on her face as she laid down the lipstick, and then turned Carmen's chair toward the door.


In that instant, Mrs. Smith's smile became broader, and her eyes sparkled, seeing how elegant her daughter seemed.

“Mini, you are amazing. She looks like the most stunning bride I have ever seen, and for that, I give your work an A-plus.” Mrs. Smith said.


Then she walked away from the door and approached Carmen.

When Mrs. Smith was a foot away from her daughter, her hand gracefully touched Carmen's face, and her eyes got teary.


“My beautiful baby.” Mrs. Smith cried.


“Mom,” Carmen whispers sadly.


Her mother's sudden emotional outbursts were negatively affecting her mood, and that was the last thing she wanted to happen on the most important day of her life.


“Mini, can you excuse my daughter and me? I want to assist her in wearing her wedding gown.” Mrs. Smith said with a slight smile.


“Okay. I am going to leave now.” Mini replied before leaving the room.


Already knowing that there was more to her mother's statement, Carmen looked at Mrs. Smith and saw that her smile had disappeared, leaving only sadness on her face.


“Mom, what is this actually about?” Carmen asked with an aching heart.


Swaying her focus off her daughter for a moment, Mrs. Smith pulled a chair, stopped it in front of her, and sat down.


Not uttering a word to each other for a couple of seconds, Carmen stared into her mother's eyes as Mrs. Smith gazed back at her with a look of hesitation in her expression.

"Does Liam love you?” Mrs. Smith finally asked.


At first, Carmen softly chuckled, but then her smile slowly faded away when she noticed that her mother was not kidding.


“Oh, you are being serious. Mom, today is my wedding day. I am going to be his wife in less than an hour, and you choose this moment to ask me such a question?” Carmen said in a shaking tone. 


“I could not ask you this question since I thought you and Liam were just a flame for you, and you were going to get over him soon. Plus, your grandpa seems to like the fact that both of you were in a relationship.” Mrs. Smith said as she held onto her daughter's hands. 


Slightly shaking her head, Carmen slowly pulled her hands from her mother's grips as her eyes grew wet.

 When she felt her tears roll from the corner of her eyelids, down her cheeks, she felt thankful to Mini that she had used waterproof makeup on her face.


“Why now? Why are you saying all this to me now?” Carmen cried.


At this point, her tears were falling uncontrollably from her eyes, even though she was striving not to break down.


“I did not want to go against you and your grandfather's wish. But baby, this is a marriage you guys are talking about now." Mrs. Smith calmly uttered.

"I know," Carmen whispered beneath her breath.

 "Okay, so you should know that you and Liam have to live under the same roof and see each other every day, and I want to make sure that he does love you. Because I don't feel like he does.”  


Staring pitifully at Carmen, her teary face was aching Mrs. Smith's heart, but she knew this was the best decision she had made for her.


“He loves me. If he did not, then why are we even getting married? Why will his family and his friends be here? Why would anyone want to be in this building?” Carmen harshly said.


Although Carmen felt confused and hurt, she was trying her hardest to ignore her emotions and find some sense of comfort in knowing that she was getting married to the love of her life.

“Fine, please stop crying. It's my fault. I should not have assumed.” Mrs. Smith said, wrapping her arms around Carmen and embracing her.


Without struggling, Carmen rested her head on her mother's shoulder and wept bitterly. 

Even though she desperately wished to deny it, she knew her mother was right since Liam had never told her that he loved her, not once in their relationship. 

But all those years she thought it was because he's a shy guy. Now that her mother had brought the subject up, she felt deep down in her heart that Mrs. Smith was right.


After Carmen had cried her fear and pain out, it took her a few minutes to calm down. 

Then a couple of seconds later, her mother helped her wear her gown, and they did not talk about what had happened. There was only silence cycling within the room. 


Within a luxury design room, Liam stood before the dresser, not wearing his wedding suit yet.

Also, his hair was messy, and he wore a frown on his face. 

With his phone pressed against his ear, Liam's eyes grew cold as he stared at his reflection in the mirror while listening to the voice on the other end of the line.


“I don't think I can do this. It's not fair to you and me.” Liam said, clutching his fist.


“You can't do this to her. We both can't break her heart.” The caller replied.


Feeling a sudden sense of rage rising in him, Liam lashed out, “How can you expect me to marry a woman that I don't love? Are my feelings not as important as hers is to you!”


“That's not true. I love Carmen, and for her, I am willing to sacrifice the love I have for you.” 


Without replying, Liam abuptly ended the call and focused on his reflection in the mirror, hating the man he saw staring back at him.


“Why do I have to suffer for you? You denied me the chance to be with the woman I love, and now I will do the same to you. Every single pain I am feeling, you will undergo the same until you divorce me.” Liam coldly mumbled, slowly becoming drunk with hate.

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Katrina Taylor
why be in a relationship if you have someone else. sounds like he led her on.
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Ffs if u knw the guy doesn't love u thn y marry him u dum b.arch...

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