No escape

The light in the room flickered, and the air got more chilly as the breeze blew the window curtain open. The white bedsheet appeared whiter from the glow of the bulb. 

Also, the bedroom looked extremely luxurious because of the fancy furniture.


“I will take the guest room, and you can take this bedroom,” Carmen said, wishing desperately that her first night as a married woman wouldn't start with such an intense atmosphere.


Then she anxiously stood still, waiting on Liam's reply as the seconds passed by.

Realizing how silent the room was, Carmen could feel her heart pounding, and she began to grow tense.

With every passing second that Liam did not answer, Carmen felt more uncomfortable. 


Unable to take the quietness any longer, she hugged herself tightly and stared at a well-built man sitting in a chair, gazing at her like some prey he could not wait to devour.


The sleeveless nightgown she wore did not make her feel comfy at the very least, and Liam's cold stare only made her feel worse.


Feeling the chilly air caressing her thigh, Carmen wished her friend, "Ali," didn't persuade her to wear such revealing clothes on her wedding night, and now she hated herself for wearing them.


“We are a married couple, so why do we have to sleep in a separate room! Isn't this what you wanted by forcing my grandpa to marry you to me!" Liam coldly said.

'Force?' Carmen thought in confusion.

"You want to act innocent when you dress in such a manner. Don't pretend to be a virgin when you are wearing something like that. Ha! What a joke.” 

'It's not like that.'

Every single word Liam spoke felt like a knife stabbing into Carmen's heart, and she felt even more nervous when she pulled her dress down, and it immediately came back to its original length. 

"Yes, I did ask my grandfather to ask your grandpa to get us married. But I did it because I thought that's what you wanted." Carmen straightforwardly said, avoiding his eyes.

"What did you say?!" Liam harshly asked, waking up from the couch.

Fearing that she may have made the situation worse, Carmen took a step back as he fixed his gaze on hers.

"Nothing," Carmen whispered, turning her head to the left as she blinked back tears.

Then she stood still as she heard his footsteps approaching her, and her heart was racing like crazy.

A couple of seconds passed, then Carmen felt the toughness of his manly hand on her thigh.

Immediately, she tightened her eyelashes together as Liam's hand when further up her nightgown.


The cold air did not stop Carmen from feeling his warm lips upon her skin as his tongue licked her neck.


“Do you still want to sleep in the guest room?” Liam whispered in her ear before his other hand pulled down her nightgown hand.


Then he grabbed onto her waist, slammed her body against his, and fiercely kissed her neck, leaving bite marks all over her skin.


“Ouch! No! Yes! I mean, I think we should sleep in a separate room since you don't have feelings for me.” Carmen muttered, striving to get her emotions under control.


Yet, she could barely get the words out because of the way Liam was touching places on her body that made her feel a bit uncomfortable but excited.


“That's not for you to decide. You wanted this marriage, and now that you are in it, there's no escape for you!” Liam angrily said.


Then he grabbed Carmen, lifted her, carried her to the bed, and threw her on it.


'I've made him mad.' Carmen thought, knowing that things had gotten worst than she intended.


Striving to act brave, Carmen bit her lip as she watched Liam remove his shirt, then unbutton his trousers.


Then her eyes became wet, and she held the blanket tightly, knowing what would happen next.


Slamming her eyelids shut, Carmen refused to open her eyes, even when she felt Liam's weight above her. 


With every passing second, her body trembled when Liam roughly touched her, and she could feel his fingers rubbing against her bosom.


"Ouch!" was the only word she kept softly repeating.


Then Liam suddenly stopped, and Carmen could not feel his movement anymore or sense his presence on top of her.


'He didn't go further.' Carmen thought as she slowly opened her eyes.


Then she turned her head to the right and watched Liam wear his clothes.


When he felt her eyes on him, he stopped buttoning his shirt and swayed his gaze towards her.


“As you said, I don't love you. So I think it's best not to have sex with you. I will take the guest room. You can keep this one since the bedsheet is already filthy with your scent.” Liam coldly said.


Immediately, Carmen's mouth felt dry, and her heartache as she silently stared at Liam's broad back as he walked out the door.


At that moment, nothing made sense to Carmen, and she felt confused, and although She tried to understand it all, she did not know why he claimed not to love her when he was the one that sent the love confession note to her. 


“You are misleading me. Why can't you tell me why you stopped loving me. Instead of making me wait on you to love me back, you jerk!” Carmen mumbled, wondering where it all went wrong for her and Liam.


After lying in the silence for a while, she got out of bed and went to their closet. Then she took off her nightgown, dropped it to the floor before wearing comfortable pajamas.


Once she got done buttoning her pajama shirt, Carmen climbed back into bed and cried herself to sleep.


After entering the guest room, Liam slammed the door behind him.

Even though He tried to ignore it, he felt restless, angry, and turned on inside, and his heartbeat raced as though it could burst from the rage and passion he was undergoing at the same time.


“Damn it, Liam. You can't fall for her tricks. You can't allow your heart to beat for the woman that took away the chance for you to be with the love of your life." Liam said, knowing that a part of him didn't believe those words.

Realizing that his heart did not play along with his words, Liam frowned and coldly uttered, "Carmen is a selfish person, and she does not deserve your love.”


Then Liam aggressively ripped his shirt off his body and headed into the bathroom to cold off.


The water pulled from the shower with force, beating upon his skin as he tried to relieve himself of the sexual tension coursing through him.

A few minutes later, Liam walked out of the bathroom with only a towel tied around his waist while rubbing a small white towel against his hair. 


After drying his hair, his ringtone drew his attention towards the bed, and he picked the phone off the sheet, answering the call.

"Congratulations, you are now a married man." A lady's voice echoed through the phone.

"I wouldn't be if you didn't force me to do so." Liam calmly replied.

"As long as your heart is mine, I don't mind Carmen having you. You still love me, right?"

"Yes, I do!" 

After their call ended an hour later, Liam lay in bed under the darkness of the night, gazing at the shadowed ceiling with the images of Carmen's hurt expression replaying in his mind, and he did not know if he could keep on pushing her away.

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