Bittersweet lies

After Liam had left the villa, Carmen pulled out a chair at the dining table and sat down.


Then she low-spiritedly looked at her Eggo Waffle Sandwich and frowned at it, feeling like Liam refusing her food means that he had rejected her too.

With every stare she gave her food, Carmen could feel this piercing ache in her chest.

In frustration, she angrily stood up, grabbed the plate, and approached the trash bin.

After opening the lid, Carmen couldn't bring herself to toss the Eggo Waffle Sandwich into the bin because in her mind, if she did, then just like you can't eat food from a dumpster, she and Liam's marriage will not have a chance for love.

With such a thought on Carmen's mind, she withdrew from the trash bin, headed back to the table, and she set the plate on the dining table. Then she sat down and began to eat the Eggo Waffle Sandwich angrily while sniffing.

Two minutes into her breakfast, her phone began to buzz, and she

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