Let me be

Feeling indecisive, Carmen stood in front of the mirror, wearing a blue long sleeve dress with its length reaching below her knee. Then she wore her hair down. 

However, the reflection staring back at her was not what she was going for at that moment. The bite marks on her neck were still showing, and the wound on her fingers remained exposed.

In anger, Carmen took off the dress and threw it on the bed, and it landed on top of all the other clothes she had tried on. Then she approached her closet, took out a gray sweater and blue jeans. 

After Carmen had worn it, she went back to the mirror and stared at her reflection. The sweater's turtleneck and long sleeves concealed the bite marks on her body, and the sleeves were also long enough for her to hide her fingers in. But even though her dress code was perfect, the only thing destroying it was the hot June sun awaiting her outside her house.

“Mom is not going to buy this look, but it is the o

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