Fake moment

With a touch of fear in her eyes, Carmen folded her hands into a tight fist as she saw Liam and his mother approaching their table.

Her heart kept skipping every beat as they got close, and she hastily gazed away when his eyes met hers.

"I invited Lina over for breakfast, but I did not know she would drag her son along too." Deborah softly said.

Not listening to her mother's words, Carmen's mind remained occupied with thoughts about how unloving her husband's gray eyes were when they gazed at her.

After Liam and Lina reached Carmen and Deborah, he pulled out a chair for his mother, then waited for her to take her seat before he sat down.

"Good morning, mother." Liam addressed Deborah.

"A pleasant day to you too," Deborah answered with a bit of hate in her tone.

Hearing the harshness in her mother's voice, Carmen stared at Li

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