Because I love him

The driver felt the fear within Carmen and the hostility from Liam. He looked into the V-mirror and saw how pitifully Carmen had folded herself together. Liam and Carmen did not appear to be the couple he knew in the past.  The driver noticed that the brightness in Carmen's smile had got swapped with a frown, and Liam's eyes had lost its kindness.

'Boss, why are you treating madam like this? She's sweet and friendly to everyone, so why do you hate her?' He thought.

After Liam's question, Carmen dared not look at him. She kept her head down, and her eyes focused on the floor of the car. It was clear to Carmen that her apologies wouldn't get her out of this situation.

"Are you deaf!" Liam screamed.

His voice had harshness and chills within it, and it wasn't long after Carmen heard those words she began tearing up. However, Carmen choked back her cry so she wouldn't annoy him. 


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Katrina Taylor
see this is bull. he was her boyfriend what the heck? she's not to blame him and her best friend are.
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C. C
I dislike how treat ger

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