Drunk night

Carmen sat on the couch with a frustrated face as she watched the long hand of the clock slowly change its direction. She felt scared and upset that it was now eleven-thirty o'clock and Liam had not arrived home yet.

Their brief episode that morning, him accusing her and denying her, weighed heavily on her heart, but her mind remained occupied with worries about why he had not reached home.

Carmen stood up from the couch for a minute and paced back and forth for some time as she tried to keep her messed up emotions in check and stopped herself from crying. After walking around the room for a while without hearing a car sound, she sat down on the couch and continued watching the clock.

As Carmen sat there for another fifteen minutes without removing her eyes from the wall clock or shifting from her current position, her stomach gurgled from hunger. She pressed both her hands against her abdomen and squeezed it tight to su

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Daja Hazelton
All she do is cry she’s annoying asf

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