Wasted effort

The next morning Liam woke up with a nasty headache and he felt like someone had smashed his head against a concrete wall countless times.

For a couple minutes, he tried to get out of bed, but the pain seemed to triple each time he lifted his head.

“I should have taken the damn pills!” Liam thought, feeling a sense of frustration.

 Then he gave his body one last push, and finally, he succeeded in getting out of bed. His head pounded with every step he took toward the room door. 

When Liam opened it, he was shocked to see the pack of hangover pills and glass of water still seated in their previous position from last night. The only difference was that Carmen had covered the glass of water.

Not knowing what to feel, Liam reached down for the items and took them into his room. Then he placed a glass of water on the bed stand and popped out a pill from within the pack.

'Why does she still care about me after everything I have
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Nicole Bridget-Dallas
Omgeeeee like seriously when is she going to just leave this is just damn ridiculous at this point 😳

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