Lovely couple

"Mommy," Ethan called out, looking at Carmen before staring down at her vibrating phone.

Then he gently shook her arm until she finally raised her lashes and stared at him.

Still feeling dizzy, a soft smile crept on her lips as she stared at her son's grey eyes and long lashes.

"What is it, baby?" Carmen whispered.

"Your phone is ringing," Ethan mumbled, drawing back on the bed as his mother sat up.

It took her a second to fully awake. Then she stared down at her phone, picked it up, and answered the call.

"Good morning, mother," Carmen said, raffling Ethan's hair as he giggled faintly.

"I know it's early. But I and your father was discussing, and we thought since you have spent four months on that end, you are ready to take over the SM branch there." Mrs. Smith's voice echoed into her ear.

Keeping silent, Carmen rested back on the headboard and thought, 'Four months? It's been that long already?'

"What did Carm say?" Sh

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Excellent book, appreciate that there is no vulgar language and explicit sex talk.

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