A visit from an old friend

"Ding Dong!" 

Withdrawing his hand from on the doorbell, Liam waited patiently for a couple of seconds. 

Then he reached for the bell again, but the door suddenly opened, and Carmen stood in the doorway, staring at him.

"I hope I'm not too early," Liam mumbled, drawing his hand to his side.

"No. You are on time." Carmen said as she stepped aside for him to enter.

After walking into the hallway, Liam gazed back and asked, "Where's Ethan?"

"He's having his breakfast," Carmen said, shutting the door.

Afterward, she and Liam headed into the dining room together.

When they arrived, and Liam sight rested on his son, his face lit up, and he excitedly uttered, "Hey bud. Ready for your first day of school?"

Pouting, Ethan looked away from his cereal, stared at Carmen, and mumbled, "Mommy, why can't you be the one to take me to school."

"We talked about this, honey. Your dad doesn't have much to do today, so he's

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oh my gosh!!! uh why bring her back?! l hope she won't do anything evil to Liam & Carmen!

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