When Freddie brought the car to a stop, he stared back, saw that Liam was sleeping, and faintly smiled as he thought, 'Sir just arrived in the country from a business trip, and yet he didn't hesitate when Miss Smith asked him to pick up Ethan. He really cares about young sir.'

Realizing that the car wasn't moving, Liam raised his eyelids and asked, "We are here?" 

"Yes, sir," Freddie said.

Without uttering another word, Liam got down from the car and headed into the school building.

When he got to Ethan's class and his teacher saw him, she smiled and said, "Ethan, your father is here."

Keeping silent, Ethan walked over to Liam and mumbled, "Hello,"

With a smile on his face, Liam sighed and thought, 'I have been in your life for one year now, and you won't call me 'father.' How long will it take to make you open up to me and believe that I'm not going to leave you.'

Afterward, he extended his hand to Ethan, and not hesitating, he

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