Goodbye and Thank you!

To all my readers, I like to inform you all that this will be the end of " He was never mine."

I hope that I met your demands and gave you guys the closure you needed from the story.

Writing this novel was a lot for me because I had to put myself in various emotional states to capture the character's feelings that I have never experienced before, (It was tough."

But I'm glad you guys stuck with this novel because knowing you all were waiting on updates and stuff truly inspired me to keep pushing through and continue writing.


I appreciate all my readers for your patience with me, the coins, gems, and reviews.

You are all incredible people, and I'm glad I have readers like you.

Well, this is goodbye from Author Rever.

Stay safe out there and have a good life.

P.s. I know it needs a lot of proofreading, and I'm going to get that done, hopefully.

Thank you all and Byeee!!!

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Amanda Clore-Gilbe
I just read the book. I really enjoyed it along with a few of your other books. For trying to feel and understand emotions and situations you haven't experienced I think you did a great job. I look forward to the next book.
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Tara Smyser
I don't know if you want back & changed something in a couple chapters. but Now it wants us to buy them again. That I will not do.
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